I was surprised how easy this list was to make.  I love Christmas. I love Christmas music. However, there are a few Christmas songs I don't ever want to hear again.  I have my top 5 "Worst Christmas Songs Ever".  I know I am leaving some out and maybe you like a song or two on my list. You can tell me about it in the comment section below.

5.  "Wonderful Christmas Time" - Paul McCartney

I am a huge Beatles fan.  Paul McCartney is amazing...most of the time. Maybe I'm Amazed I don't like some of his music, but this song just plain stinks. The video is even cheesier than the song. Thanks to YouTube for all of the videos!

4. "The Christmas Shoes" - New Song

I know a lot of people have this one on their "Favorites" list.  Not me!  When I hear this song I want to jump off a cliff or in front of a moving bus. It's one of the most depressing songs I have ever heard. Please shoot me now!  Christmas songs should be happy or uplifting.  "The Christmas Shoes" is neither.

3. "Jingle Bells" - Barking Dogs or Jingle Cats

Both the Barking Dogs and Jingle cats send a cold chill up my spine. I grouped them together because they are equally annoying.   It was cute the 1st 50 or 60 times I heard them.  Now when I hear the dogs barking "Jingle Bells" I want to barf barf barf, barf barf barf, barf barf barf barf barf!

2.  "Rockin' Around The Christmas Tree" - Brenda Lee

You always know it's Christmas time, when you are out shopping and you hear Brenda Lee running out of the stores sound system.  Meanwhile, I am running out of the store. I hate this song with the white-hot intensity of a thousand suns.   If somebody played it right now, I would probably bump it up to #1.

1. "Grandma Got Run Over By a Reindeer" - Elmo & Patsy

Whoever came up with song should be run over by a reindeer...over...and over...and over!  Without a doubt, "Grandma Got Run Over By a Reindeer" is the worst Christmas song ever written, the worst Christmas song ever recorded and the worst Christmas song ever played on the radio.  It's a song I never need to hear again as long as I live, but I have it for you here...just in case you don't feel the same way I do.