If you don't know, I am a huge fan of bacon. I like it best by itself, sitting on a plate next to my eggs and I rarely will have a burger without it, usually get double bacon. And now there may be a bacon shortage?!?

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Some folks say that words of a bacon shortage is blowing thing's out of the water. Others say its unavoidable. Either way analysts say that at the very least the price of bacon will likely rise next year.

why would there be a bacon shortage:

There's no doubt that the hog farmers have been hurt by these factors, but crying "bacon shortage" is like saying the sky is falling.

As long as prices are allowed to rise and fall freely, there can be no shortage. Shortages only occur when the government fixes prices and consumers want more supply than exists. That results in rationing. There's zero evidence to suggest the government would do that, or that there would be any “runs on the pork bank.”

So panic not my bacon loving friends. We are not likely to run out of bacon, we will however, pay more for an already, in my opinion, costly commodity. The U-S-D-A predicts the cost will rise between 2.5-3.5%. In other words, if you pay $5.99 a pound today (on sale) (unfortunately, I'm addicted to an $8.99 a pound-on sale brand) tomorrow or in the near future you will pay about $6.19 a pound. And the good good news about price increases are that its said that we won't feel the brunt of the rise in bacon cost's for a few months. (but feel free to stock up if you'd like, I may)