It was 11 years ago on a stage in London that the biggest musical act in the country came crashing down. On this date in 2003 Natalie Maines of the Dixie Chicks uttered the words "we are ashamed the President of the United States is from Texas". At the time the Chicks were bigger than any act and it quickly went away.

I have never experienced anything like the outrage that followed. We were threatened that if we played their music that people would never listen again and actually feared for our safety if we played them. I was amazed at the anger. It was a troubled time here in the states and I know emotions were very high at the time. Yes, they could have handled the aftermath  much better but I feel the penalty they faced was much too harsh for the crime. We are the business of trying to do what our listeners want and there was no choice but to pull them from the airwaves back then. The whole country music industry felt the hit.

I feel there is so much hypocrisy about that statement though. People told us that they were upset because "you don't disrespect the office of the President that way". Today we hear Hank Jr., Ted Nugent and dozens of others make statements that are a hundred times more harsh that what the Chicks said but there has been no outcry to have them removed from the airwaves. I find that odd.

     Here is the video of "that night" in London.

They sure did make some great music though. Give these a watch and listen. These are still some of my favorite tunes.