Is it true? Pat Bowlen finally did what should have been done a long time ago? Yes, it's true and with much jubilation the name search has begun to the new general of the Denver Broncos.  So with all the names tossed around I thought I would post some of them and see what you all think.  {Not in any necessary order...}

Well, we know it's not THIS guy.  Troy Calhoun, head coach of the Air Force Falcons down in the Springs just signed a new contract an got a fat raise so he's OUT.  So how about Bill Cowher?
I like Cowher in Denver...great fit and look at what he did with a 15 year tenure in Pittsburgh.  And through their  Super Bowl win, Cowher's team had compiled a record of 108–1–1 in games in which they built a lead of at least eleven points.  Can't go wrong here in my opinion.

Now, GRUDEN is first on my Christmas wish list but unlike Cowher I think John Gruden is content with his fat contract on TV but I think deep down he is chomping on the bit to get back into coaching but his contract is not as easy to get out of like Bill Cowher.    Let us now move on to Wade Phillips.

LOL...Oh ya, we've tried that already.   {Sorry Wade}

You got!  GARY KUBIAK might be out very soon in Texas and this would be the perfect time for a possible homecoming.  I think he might just be the answer to win back a huge fan base and belief in the fans.  No?  Ok, how about the cat who almost had the job before McDaniels?

Leslie Frazier is no stranger to the coaching world and it's no secret he was short-listed for the Denver job before we hired YOU KNOW WHO!  However, I think it's too late and we should have hired him then because Minnesota is now in love with the guy and I think they offer him a long term contract.
That's my 2-cents...