I have been married for 30 years and am very lucky to have Kyla as my bride. It has taken me many years but I am finally figuring out the key to making a wife happy...stay out of the way. Men tend to get involved in things that we really have no business having a say in. We need to just step back and do what is needed to make mama happy.

My wife has always wanted a nice fancy looking bedroom. I could sleep on a mattress on the floor with posters covering my wall and be just happy as a clam but this isn't about me. My wife went shopping with her best friend the other day and said she was going to finally do our bedroom the way she has wanted to. I said I had no problem with that as long as my two Viking hats could stay in the room along with myself. She agreed. She came home with the least manly looking color pattern and style that you could find. I have a beautiful bed without a hint of a manly hue anywhere near it and pretty drapes that are like a see through dress that doesn't even pretend to block light. I also have a pile of pillows the size of New Hampshire. What the hell do we need all these pillows for? Last night I attempted to go to bed but by the time I got all the pillows off the bed and piled on the pillow chair, I was exhausted and crashed on the floor. It was the manliest spot in the room.

Brian Gary, TSM

The new sheets and bedding did feel great and I know I will have no problem sleeping in it but I felt all the testosterone that was hiding in the walls go running out of the room last night. My TV wouldn't even turn on sports channels in the bedroom, it was stuck on the Lifetime channel. I just want a happy wife and I know she loves her new room. I will be in the garage next to my motorcycle...until she tells me to come in and go to bed or go towel shopping or something.