Jenny Harding, For TSM

I made Cornish game hens over a bed of wild rice for our neighbors while I was on vacation.  It's a delicious meal that is really quite simple to make. One step that cannot be overlooked is the "Dancing of the Hens". My wife and I made  a video to show how it's done.

  • I always dance my hens before I rub them in melted butter, Garlic Festival Seasoning, cracked pepper and a little Lawry's Seasoning Salt.  I like to do a chorus line dance to "New York, New York"...And kick and turn.
  • The oven is set at 350 degrees. I cook the hens in a cooking bag for just over an hour depending on the weight of the hen.
  • I always cooked wild rice with my Cornish game hens.  I use Rice-A-Roni Long Grain & Wild Rice from a box, but it is delicious.

It''s very easy to make, but looks very impressive when everyone gets their own miniature chicken.

Here is a video of me Dancing the hens courtesy of YouTube.