It never fails that I log on to Facebook to check a particular event, update my status or post a blog and I get side-tracked and lose sight of my mission. Many times I will exit out of Facebook without even accomplishing my original task.



It's like with my phone, my smart phone, (ha ha) I will look at it to check the weather with my handy weather app or to find out the time (forgetting of course that the nice 'bracelet' I wear is actually a watch-doh!) And I never or seldom actually put my phone down and know the time or weather because there will be a text or a Facebook notice and I get distracted by that and never accomplish my task.

But what distracts you? I know today I logged on to check the status of my blog I posted yesterday and ended up looking at wedding pictures of a high school friend of my eldest daughter, then read an article about all the states where you can get fired for being gay, liked a few pictures of friends on vacation, nearly cried at the news of Annette Funicello dying from complications of MS, was oddly mesmerized by the pics of Dean and his wife Tori Spelling at a grand opening of a burger joint in Ca and then I logged off-nope, never went to my D Dennison page (until afterwards when I realized what I had done or in this case what I hadn't done)

So again I ask, what distracts you or am I the only one in Facebook land to get distracted?