It's been said for centuries that certain animals have healing power.  I believe the horse is one of those animals. Like other animals, they do in fact seem to have souls and feelings and in some way connect with those around them.

I know of several groups across the country that use horses to help with many different things including helping our Veterans with PTSD.

The Colorado Therapy Horses here in Northern Colorado are another one of those amazing groups and they are right here in our backyard.  If you know of someone with PTSD and would like to get more information plan to attend their FREE clinic for Veterans on Saturday, June 29 from 8:30 AM to 8 PM at 6205 West F Street in Greeley.

The Colorado Therapy Horses is a ‘herd’ of horses and humans that ‘Heal the Hearts’ of hurting humans like Wounded Warriors, Vets and their families, PTSD, Victims of various kinds of trauma, broken child and family relationships and all other kinds of 'Wounded Humans' such as those with alcohol and drug addictions. The centerpiece of the program happens when the participants engage in a unique Equine Therapy called “Natural Humanship Training”, which was developed exclusively by founder, Richard McMahan, MA, CRC, CACIII.

The clinic though is for anyone regardless of PTSD because it helps with depression, addictions, anger management, fear and isolation.  For more information on the June 29th event in Greeley please email