If you wanted sports in Northern Colorado for a long time you had to settle for CSU and UNC athletics, which both had their runs of good seasons, but as far as pro level sports went, you'd have to make the drive down south to Denver. In the early 2000's that changed with the Budweiser Events Center coming to Loveland. 

Now we have both pro hockey and pro football in NoCO.

The Eagles hockey team have been great since they came to Loveland, and although competitive, the Colorado Ice football team have never reached greatness. That seems as though it could be changing this year.

The Ice will be hosting the Nebraska Danger for the 2014 IFL Intense Conference Championship Game, and a chance at a trip to the IFL Championship at 7:00 PM on Thursday (June 19th) inside the Budweiser Events Center.

Tickets for the game are as follows:

  • $10 for Friends & Family seating
  • $15 for Lower & Upper Field, Lower Corners and End Zone seating
  • $35 for Front Row seating