The Colorado Freedom Shoot will be held Saturday and Sunday, June 29th and 30th at the Pawnee Sportsman's Center in Briggsdale, the States largest public range. This family friendly event could be the last of it's kind here in Colorado.
The Colorado Freedom Shootis a family-friendly event that will allow participants to shoot solo or compete as a team in handgun, carbine and long-range challenges for cash prizes, gear and giveaways.  The event will take place at the Pawnee Sportman's Center  (40914 County Rd. 71-80611) in Briggsdale this Friday and Saturday.

Participants can take part in a shotgun event called the “The Biden Challenge,” and The MOD Armory Night Vision Demonstration, where participants will be able to see some of the latest Night Vision, Thermal and IR technology as well as compete during an evening event.  Those in attendance will also be introduced to the range’s new 1,000+ yard engagement rifle range.


This shoot is important because it's the last shoot where one can acquire magazines that can carry, or be adapted to carry more than 15 rounds here in Colorado; the new gun laws go into effect July 1st, 2013.

Many of the sponsors on hand will even have high capacity magazine rentals, skeet, trap and sporting clays. Shooting specialist Jim Erwin will also be on hand to provide demonstrations, some private instruction and will also pose for photographs.

.Saturday June 29th Competition Schedule:

  • Handgun Competitions: From the Concealed Carry, speed and accuracy drills ($50)
  • Speed Steel Challenge: 5 rounds/reload/5rounds $5/Challenge
  • Carbine Competition: Defensive engagement using steel and paper ($50)
  • Long Range Competition: Mission Key Card with Sequenced Engagement of known distance steel targets ($50)
  • “The Biden Challenge”: $25, firearm and ammunition included
  • “MOD Armory Night Vision Shoot”: $25 firearm and ammunition included.
  • Contestants will compete for a $1,000 gift certificate and other prizes provided by MOD Armory.

Sunday June 30th Competition Schedule:

  • 4-Person Team Event: $160/team. Each team will provide one shooter per competitive evolution; each evolution will be a blind challenge revealed to competitors only after the shooter has been selected. Events may include some or all of a selection of handguns, carbines and long range shooting platforms.

For more information on weapons, configurations, accessories, safety, ammo and of course how to sign up just click here or visit their FB page.