So you and your buddies are just out for some fishing when you see from the shore the most awesome sight you will ever see,a  sight most of us never see in a lifetime; a humpback whale swimming right by your anchored boat in a serene cove. What could go wrong?

Well as you can see, things get a little harry when the beautiful swimming mammal got curious and swam too close to the boat and got tangled in the anchor line.

The rope got caught in the behemoths mouth as he began to swim frantically towing the 17,000 pound boat around before snapping the line. Can you imagine what this must have been like being right there?  My first thought would be "how are we gonna get home?"

Seeing what was taking place, the fishermen on the bank jumped in their dinghy and raced out to try and cut the anchor line before Shamu dragged their boat out to see like a bathtub toy.

It was reported later that the whale was spotted still towing around the anchor line but not the anchor.  How in the world they could tell there wasn't an anchor on the line  must be a story all in itself. And what are the odds you would spot that whale again in the first place.