The Broncos are not expected to be very good this year, but we still love them. Fort Collins has plenty of places to watch the game, but some stand out above the rest. We have compiled a list of the "Best Places in Fort Collins to Watch a Broncos Game".

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    Old Chicago

    Old Chicago is one of the best places in Fort Collins to eat pizza. It also makes our list for best places to watch a Broncos game. There are two locations in Fort Collins. (Harmony & Timberline and College Avenue in Old Town) The two restaurants made the list as a pair. Old Chicago has tons of TVs, killer pizza, and is a great place for the whole family. Even though their pizza gets most of the attention, I recommend the Italian Nachos. On Sundays Old Chicago has a "Beat The Leader" football contest, which adds to the fun.

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    Jackson's Sports Grill

    Jackson's Sports Grill is perfect for watching football with rows and rows of TVS! It is impossible to sit at a table without being able to see a number of games at once. It is obvious that Jackson's designed specifically for that purpose. The food is quite tasty. Their cheeseburger has even been honored as the "Best in Colorado"! Jackson's Sports Grill is the #4 on the list of Best Places in Fort Collins to Watch the Broncos!

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    Buffalo Wild Wings Grill & Bar

    I had no intention of putting Buffalo Wild Wings in our top 5, but after walking in to the restaurant at Harmony and College, I had no choice. What a great place to watch a football game! You are surrounded by televisions. It's almost like you are in a cockpit. You feel like you could reach out and touch each TV because they are so strategically placed. Did I mention the delicious wings? Buffalo Wild Wings is an incredible place to watch the Broncos.

    Todd Harding
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    Washington's Sports Bar & Grill

    Washington's Sports Bar & Grill is well-known for its great burgers and uniquely original decor, but this Old Town landmark is also a great place to watch the Broncos on Sunday. The have over 20 TVs on the main floor alone and subscribe to Direct TV's NFL Sunday Ticket, so they get all the games including your beloved Denver Broncos. The great food, great atmosphere, and the fact that there are plenty of TVs lands Washington's at #2 on our list. You can find "The Wash Bar" on Laporte Avenue, just west of College Avenue.

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    C.B. & Potts Restaurant & Brewery

    C.B. & Potts in Campus West is celebrating their 40-year anniversary. It has been THE place to watch a game in Fort Collins for 4 decades. Potts is the place to watch the Rams, the Nuggets, the Avs, the Rockies, and yes, the Broncos. The bar itself is the crown jewel of C.B. & Potts with 7 flat screens! They also claim to be the tallest bar in Colorado. The food is legendary. The beer is made on site by the Big Horn Brewing Company. The atmosphere during a game is electric. C.B. & Potts Restaurant & Brewery is our pick for the best place to watch the Broncos in Fort Collins.