The La-Z-Boy Great Colorado Pie Fight is coming up on January 26th and I want to find out who will be crowned the king of Northern Colorado pizza makers. So, I decided to start doing a little sleuthing and what what some of the review sites list as the best pizza in Fort Collins.

According to Yelp, the top five rated pizza places are:

When you search for highest rated pizza on Trip Advisor you get this for a top-5:

A search of Yahoo Local brings this top 5:

Three lists, very different lists. And I can think of at least a dozen places in town that deserve to be considered for a "best-of" list in the pizza world. Hmm...

What did I learn while doing this blog post? That there isn't really any place to find "the best pizza in town"...yet.

Who do you think will come home with the crown at the Great Colorado Pie Fight? (Or at least who SHOULD come home with it, in your opinion?) Let the comments fly!