My wife, Jenny, has been crocheting since she was 10-years-oldl. Her Grandma taught her to crochet because she said a young girl should always stay busy. Well now, Jenny is very good and can make anything just by looking at the item.  She was taught to crochet without a pattern, but can use one if she needs to. Lately Jenny has been making a lot of hats, so I have chosen a few of my favorites.

5. The Crochet Cluster Beanie

Todd Harding, TSM

Jenny wanted to make a pair of hats for our friend's daughter's, so she went to Meladora's Creations and found the pattern for "The Crochet Cluster Beanie".  I think they turned out nice, although I had just gotten my iPhone and the picture came out a little blurry.

4. Broncos Hat

Jenny Harding, For TSM

I told Jenny I wanted a broncos hat, so she made me one.  I asked her what pattern she used and she said it wasn't a specific one. She just made a simple knitted cap.  It works for me, although it didn't bring the Broncos good luck in the playoffs.

3. St. Patrick's Day Chapeau

Todd Harding, TSM

Last year before the Fort Collins St. Patrick's Day parade, we were looking for traditional hats to wear.  We couldn't find ones that wee liked, so my wife went to the Red Heart website to find a pattern for the "St. Patrick's Day Chapeau".  We both wore them in the parade in 2014.

2. Laguna Beach Slouchy

Todd Harding, TSM

We knew we were going to Laguna Beach during a visit to our cousin's house in California, so Jenny went to The Crochet Crowd website and found a pattern for the "Laguna Beach Slouchy".  I took a picture of Jenny and our cousin, Sue at Laguna Beach wearing Laguna Beach, each wearing a Laguna Beach Slouchy. That picture made it on the Crochet Crowd newsletter.

1. Crochet Granny Stitch Hat slouchy

Todd Harding, TSM

This year before the Fort Collins St. Patrick's Day Parade, Jenny donated the St. Patrick's Day Chapeaus she had made the year before, to our friends with The Terry Farrell Firefighter's Fund of Colorado.That left her without a hat for this year's parade.  She follows BobWilson123 on YouTube and found a pattern for the "Crochet Granny Stitch Hat Slouchy". She made it in one day and looked fabulous in it.  Bottom line, my wife is talented.