I am one who complains that they don't make cars like they used to. The older the car, the better it was made in my mind. My Ford Taurus blows that theory up. I bought my Taurus brand new 10 years ago and it has given me little to no trouble at all. I have had to get brakes and that has been about it for over 200,00 miles.

Brian Gary, TSM

We tend to think hitting the 100k mark is the life expectancy of a vehicle. I have known a couple of friends who have gotten 250K out of one but that is the most I know of in my circle of friends. I am now over 207,000 miles and it is still purring like a kitten. I can say that is the best car I have ever owned and would buy another one in a heartbeat. I am not specific to Ford, Chevy, Dodge, Toyota or any other.  I have owned them all and I can say this Ford is the best ever.

What is the most miles you have put on a vehicle?