We have lost too many great stars at too young of an age due to accidents and self inflicted pain. There are many that stand out through the years but the story of an amazingly talented young lady who was lighting the world on fire in her early 20's to taking her own life is so heartbreaking. That is the story of Mindy McCready.

Back in 1996 Mindy introduced herself to us with the hit 'Ten Thousand Angels' and then followed it up with 'Guys Do It All the Time' and 'A Girls Gotta Do (What a Girls Gotta Do)' and was poised to be superstar. She was even talking about doing a sitcom on TV. She was about to explode. Personal problems began to take over Mindy's life and it all ended tragically when she took her own life in February of 2013.

Mindy would have been 41 years old today. It is so sad when we lose someone so early in their life. Let's remember the smiling, beautiful face and all the great music today and focus on the beauty of what she did do and not what could of been. Wish you were still here Mindy. You are remembered today.