The Band Perry joined the Good Morning Guys from K99 to help them raise money for abused children in Northern Colorado. The Greeneville, Tennessee sibling trio features Neil, Reed and Kimberly Perry.

Kimberly, Neil and Reed all joined Brian and Todd on the air.In reference to their sound, the group intimated that they are going for a sort of “modern throwback” sound.

We call our sound a ‘modern throwback’. ‘Throwback’ because we want that [classic] feel to it, and modern because we talk like we’re living in 2012.

It didn’t take long for the subject of the conversation to move from the band’s current success to their future success with new music they are working on.

We have been writing…look for a second album sometime around 4th quarter(of 2012).

The group is set to travel to London and Dublin to play shows over there and they credited and thanked the Good Morning Guys and all the other radio stations that played their music for helping propel them to their breakout year.