They've been around for TEN YEARS.

Have you heard of them?

Maybe you saw them perform at CMT's Artists of the Year ceremony.

We've lined up a couple of songs for you to listen to-

So you can tell us...

Should The Avett Brothers be on K99?

They definitely are unique.

Kind of Bluegrass, kind of folk, kind of alternative pop.

It's just kind of hard to classify these guys.

The Avetts- Scott and Seth along with Bob Crawford (on the bass) pretty much make up The Avett Brothers.

I saw them perform their breakout hit on David Letterman a couple of years back:

See, there- I'm not thinking that they're a fit for K99.

But, they are just darn infectious!  Banjos, guitars, weird harmonies.. and they have a lot of energy in their peformances for such a low-key band.

Then, CMT had them on their "Artists of the Year" show for 2011--

I'm really curious as to what YOU think?

So- TELL me what you do think with our poll: