There is a lot of talk this year about the declining ratings of the NFL. They are trying to figure out why the TV numbers are slipping at a rate they have not seen before. I have the solution. The NFL is still awesome and I count the days from the end of the season until it starts again but I know I am watching less avidly than I used to. I still watch a lot of football but I am missing a lot more than I used to. I used to never miss a game, no matter who was playing but I miss quite a few games now. I can tell you why, and I thought I would never say these words but...there is too much football on TV now.

I can't believe I said that but it is true. I remember years ago Bruce Springsteen was asked why he didn't do many interviews or TV appearances and he stated that he never wanted the audience to feel like they have gotten enough. The NFL could learn from this. We have too much now. The big killer to me has been Thursday Night Football. I see no need for it. The players hate it and it is over-saturation to me.

Each week there are only a few match ups that are grade A marque games. You want to feature those in your national games but if you have TNF, SNF, MNF and the regular Sunday afternoon match ups you are spreading yourself pretty thin of possible great games. I love football but that is just too much. I love pizza but that would even loose it's allure if I ate it that often. Some times the key to success is limiting the dosage. Give us a little less and we will appreciate it more.