Super Tuesday you say? Why not Super Wednesday or hey Friday looks like it may be pretty super! Why so Super Tuesday is a long and short story, keep reading, we'll do the A-B-C's of this Super day!

Super Tuesday has been around since Jimmy Carter, since Cincinnati swept the world series away from the Yankees (4-0) and Captain and Tennille took record of the year with "Love Will Keep Us Together".

The Year was 1976. Some say that the phrase Super Tuesday may have been used even before the great year of floral patterns and peasant skirts. (Hey, didn't I just see these fashions in Pennys?) 1976 was also a leap year.

Now back to Super Tuesday before I get completely lost in 1976. Here's what happens in a Presidental year:

  1. A bunch of guys and girls decide they want to be president
  2. They test the waters to see if they could get elected
  3. They hit the road and take their 'agenda' to the people (that's you and me)
  4. They hold town meeting's and debate each other
  5. As time goes by some drop out and end up supporting other guys and girls in the pool
  6. The pool greatly reduces to a mere handful representing most parties (that's political groups not beer pong parties)
  7. Individual states start holding primaries/caucuses, primarily to see, as a whole, who the state likes for President.
  8. On Super Tuesday, which will fall in February or March, the most states will participate in their primaries. There are 10 states participating in today's mega-primary day. (that's over 400 delegates at stake tonight) (a candidate needs as many delegates as he can get to be solid in his parties nomination)
  9. Front runners have been known to fall on this super day and considered dead in the water candidates can come back from the dead, as Clinton once did.
  10. The primaries wrap up soon and this summer the national convention(s) will let us know who we have to choose from.

And that's the A-B-C's of Super Tuesday! Find the comment box below and tell us what you think about Super Tuesday.