Today I celebrate another birthday. I am happy to make it another year and hope to be around for many many more. This has been an amazing life. I have had to opportunity to see, do and experience things I never really dreamed could happen. I am a blessed man.

As you get older you think tend to reminisce about the younger days but I can tell you, in all honestly, that these are the best days of my life. I thought I would take this opportunity to write a letter to myself as a child and help me get to where I am today.

Brian Gary

Dear Brian,
Happy birthday! You must be around 12 or 13 about now. Just wanted to let you know what is in store for you in the years ahead. You are going to live a very blessed life. You will get to rub elbows with famous stars and make a living doing what you love. Make sure you take that job at Hardee's. You will meet a girl named Kyla who will be a friend and then turn into the woman you always wanted right before your eyes. You will make a lot of mistakes but do not hang your head. Learn from each and every one of them and you will find wisdom. Embrace every victory you earn and learn something from every failure...and you will have plenty. Remember to feel every bit of hurt that comes your way and regret every bit of hurt you administer but again...learn from them. Do not change a thing because every thing that you do will lead you to where you are today and believe me, you want to be where you are today. Make sure you listen to mom and dad. They really do know what is best and want you to be all you can be. Dad will tell you about saving money for your future. You really should pay attention to that advice. You will have many health issues and other obstacles but you will find a way to overcome them. You will have two wonderful children and three grandchildren that will be your reason for living. You will find your way to Colorado and will do what you love to do for decades with a small town Colorado boy and a beautiful woman from North Dakota. You will be lucky to be married that Hardee's coworker for the rest of your life. Happy birthday young Brian. You have a quite a life ahead of you. Don't change a thing.