The most important thing I will do all year is coming up on Thursday. The 28 Hours of Hope will begin on Thursday at 5 am and go until 9 am on Friday. We will give you our all to do everything we can to raise money for the our cause to help abused children in Northern Colorado. We will interview an amazing array of country stars and folks in the community. We will hear stories that rip your heart out and in dealing with the ugliest of situations, we will see the best of people. We will see people who can't afford to donate $10 donate $20. We will see hero after hero come in or call and make their pledge to make a difference.

The money is one of the great things about the event but what touches me the most is having adults who have carried the hell of abuse with them their whole lives finally free themselves and share their stories. I so often hear people say they wish these organizations were around when they were young and maybe they could have gotten the help they needed. I am so honored when someone feels comfortable enough to share their story with me. I can't describe how good it feels to see someone get that weight off of them and begin to heal themselves. I am blessed to have this job and to get to do this event. It fills my heart and soul with all the good there is out there in the hearts of our listeners and I get to be the vehicle they use to do good. What a blessing. We make a difference one dollar and one story at a time. Let's shine a light on this ugly secret and heal it and expose it. This week is your chance to be a hero and make life better for a child who needs a safe place to turn. As long as I breathe I will be there for these kids and the adults who need me. I have your back. Join us Thursday and Friday for a very special event. The 28 Hours of Hope needs you to make it work. Let's hit the $100,000 goal. We can do it!!