Christmas time not only brings out the best in people in also brings out the best in Hollywood. We tend to get hit with a couple of blockbuster movies every holiday season and this year is not different. Many as flocking to the new Hobbit film but I am very excited to go see the new Robert De Niro, Sylvester Stallone movie "Grudge Match". I love sports movies and having Rocky and the Raging Bull in the same ring should be fun.

We all have our favorite sports movies. Here are the 10 that made my Best Of list. Honorable mention goes out to "Tin Cup", "Cool Runnings" and "For The Love Of The Game".

10.The Wrestler

9. Miracle

8. Seabiscuit

7. Remember the Titans

6. Mystery, Alaska

5. Cinderella Man

4. Field of Dreams

3. 8 Seconds

2. Rocky

1. Hoosiers