A few weeks ago I got a bump on my arm. It was itchy and I thought it was probably was mosquito bite. However, it didn't act like a bug bite. It even had fluid in it.  I  even thought it might be a giant zit, but it didn't heal. That's when I figured I needed to get it check out.  I did...and it was cancer!

That scared the bajeebers out of me.  Just the word cancer scares me. The good news was it wasn't Melanoma. It was small and self contained and my doctor removed it all.  It was a pretty big chunk. I had to be sewn up with stitches.

The bad news is my arm modeling career is in the toilet, because I will likely have a permanent scar.   I am so glad we found it early.  If you have a spot you are concerned about, have it checked out.  It could save your life.

Sorry if the picture grossed you out.