My Facebook friend, Gail, shared this  video with me and said it reminded her of a horse story that I'd told on the air several years ago. After seeing this sweet video, I knew exactly which story that was...

The call came from the Larimer County Sheriff's office telling me that they had seized
a herd of very thin horses AND one was an Arabian mare, named Mystique.They asked if I would be her foster home. In my care, she gained enough weight to carry a rider and was just the most lovely little saddle horse.

Meanwhile, in Weld County there was a 12 year old girl praying for a horse of her own. The family of four came to meet Mystique and that was all it took. This single mother of three took a huge leap of faith and took the horse home to love.

One frosty early spring morning, her family went out to feed Mystique, but she didn't come in, not even for grain.  She just stood in one spot with her nose down. When they walked to her they found a tiny white kitten being kept warm and alive by Mystique's warm breath. I believe her instincts just kicked in...pretty amazing stuff, huh?

This is one of my favorite horse stories, and I've got a lot of them. I hope you liked it, too.

BTW...that 12-year old is now 18, just graduated from high school and still has Mystique.