I want to share with you what is going on with me and my health right now. I have always been open and honest with you about what I am going through and this latest event may be the one that makes my life better than it ever has been.

I honestly have not felt good for about 20 years. This job that I love is very brutal on a mind and body after so many years. Getting up at the time I do with the lack of sleep I get has caught up with me. I have to tell you that every day has been a struggle just to find the strength and energy to get up and do the simplest of tasks. I have been flat out exhausted since the 90's. The last couple of years have really been rough mentally. I have gone through big time anxiety and panic attacks and just been in a fog. The fog has lifted!

Susan's husband, Dr. Bob, has always preached to me about the importance of good quality sleep. I had no idea how little of that I was getting until I went in for a sleep study. I had an overnight sleep apnea test conducted to see if there were issues with me not breathing when I slept. It turns out I have extreme sleep apnea and would have nearly 90 episodes of it an hour while I tried to sleep. That means I would never fall into a deep restorative sleep and my mind and body have been paying the toll, so has my family.

Brian Gary, TSM

Two nights ago I started sleeping with a CPAP machine hooked up to me. I didn't think I would be able to do it but it has really been no problem at all. It has only been two nights but I am totally blown away at how much better I feel and how different my head and body have felt after waking up from actual sleep. I am so excited about the future. I have felt lately that I am just getting older every day and slowly slipping down the backside of life. I am completely turned around now. I am so excited about feeling ALIVE and am warning you now that I am going to be difficult to deal with. I am pumped up and ready to attack with a new energy and attitude. Sleep is an amazing thing. I know a lot of the health issues I have dealt with can be blamed on not getting the rest I need. Those days are gone. Look out world, you ain't seen nothing yet. I"M BACK!!

If you think you or your loved one may have sleep apnea....please get tested. You have no idea how much better you could feel.