There is nothing like the love of siblings. Brothers and sisters will fight but they also have a bond that others will just never understand. I have one brother, Mike, who I love dearly. We used to fight and wrestle and argue all the time but he has also always been there for me. I know my brother always has my back and I will always have his. I am so fortunate that I am getting to watch that bond develop all over again with my grandsons.

My boys, Zayden and Zander are best of friends and it just warms my heart on a daily basis. They fight and will make each other cry occasionally but for the most part you hear laughter and screams of joy coming from those two. They do everything together and are already always looking out for each other. Zayden cannot get a drink or snack without asking for one for his brother Zander too. I came around the corner yesterday and saw Zayden sitting on Zander's lap on the floor watching cartoons and it made me tear up. I am so blessed to get to see this. If you have a brother or sister, call them today and tell them you love them. There is nothing like the love and support of your kin. Treasure them.

Brian Gary, TSM