I am such a lucky man and sometimes I forget how lucky I am. I am a grandparent who has an unlimited supply of joy, happiness and love in the form a little guy named Zander. I need to take a minute to thank him. I tend to get balled up in frustration and let life get to me at times when all I really need is to spend some time of the floor playing with him. He is only 2 but is the best listener and therapist a human could ask for.

I should start renting him out for half an hour at a time because he can make you feel good no matter when kind of crap life is throwing at you. Children are the greatest gift we have in this world and if you have the chance to sit down and play with one, do it. There is nothing in life that cannot wait if a child comes to your lap with a book. I cherish my moments with that little guy and don't know if he realizes how much I need, love and appreciate him. Today I am struggling trying to get in the right frame of mind to get through the day but I know what I need is get down on the floor and play cars with Zander. I need some unconditional love and laughter. He is the one guarantee I have in this world. He will smile and just be happy to be with me. What a gift. Love and appreciate your children. They are magical. Thank you Zander, for being the best little buddy a PawPaw could ask for. I love you and cannot wait to come home and play. I am a better man because of you grandson.

BTW, doesn't Zander look like Ralphie from A Christmas Story in his new play glasses?