As we continue to dig out, float up and recover from the flooding that attacked our state -- which will take a long, long time -- I cannot help but offer a word of thanks to all the rescue workers.

We are so fortunate to have the men and women in uniform, the police, sheriff, military, CDOT workers, firefighters, animal rescue workers and so many more who are willing to risk harm to help us.

These heroes don't know us yet, but they're willing to do anything to help us. I thank these workers, volunteers and their families who lend them to us.

We are a state of survivors and we are also a state who has learned how to be prepared for the the unexpected, you could say we're experts at recovery. We are an example to the Nation that when united, we can overcome anything and it starts with the example set by those who protect us.

Thank you for wearing that uniform. God bless you!