Last week we had, in my mind, the most successful 28 Hours of Hope in its 14 year history. We raised nearly $75,000 to help abused children and Northern Colorado. More important than the money we raised was the awareness we raised. The more it is talked about, the more we shift the power out of the hand of the abuser. The more light we shine on it, the less dark it becomes. I cannot thank you enough for all you have done…but I will try.

Photo by Jenny Harding

We had so many wonderful on air sponsors like Colorado Crude Carriers, PDC Energy, Noble Energy, Fritzler Family Farms, Gold Roofing and Water Valley supporting our cause. The wonderful people who brought us food to keep us going. The people who stopped by just to hug us or dropped off a donation. The people who called in pledges. The people who gave up their time to answer the pledge lines and all the amazing artists who called in and donated their time.

This is an event that has become part of the community and the community has worked hard at it. How cool is it that groups of kids from local high schools like Wellington and Greeley West go out and collect money to help other kids? You cannot measure what this does to my heart.

The biggest heroes of the 28 Hours of Hope though are the ones who come forward and open up about their own personal story. Nothing makes me feel more honored than when someone tells me of the hell they have kept inside them all the years and never felt comfortable talking about it until the 28 hours. That is the biggest victory of this event. The healing and the hope.

We deal with this topic on the air for 28 hours every year but we need to be there for the kids all year long. Our community needs to keep its eyes open for these kids. Never be afraid to ask questions if you suspect something. It takes all of us together to make this a safe place for our children.

I wish everyone in the world could be in the studio to feel the final hours of the 28 hours. It is the most soul filling, magical time I ever get to experience. Thank you so much for making the 28 Hours of Hope part of your lives. I am honored.