The right to bear arms was once again challenged in Colorado, but this time it came with a unique twist.

Oakwood Apartments, in Castle Rock, Colorado, sent a letter to all of its residents informing them that they had to dispose of their guns. The letter was sent out August 1 and was supposed to take effect on October 1, at which point no one who lived in the complex could "display, use, or possess any firearms or weapons of any kind, anywhere on the property.”

Art Dorsch, 77, a retired Marine who lives at Oakwood was furious with the new policy. He’s a licensed hunter and feels having weapons also makes him feel safer in his home.

The apartment’s management company had no comment on the matter initially, but Dorsch certainly had a lot to say, claiming he was vulnerable and ran the risk of losing something extremely important:

“My freedom. Yeah it's emotional. Because I don't think it's fair."

At the time Dorsch added that he couldn't afford a lawyer and was basically given three options: surrender his guns and remain in the apartment, move out on his own accord or be kicked out if he won’t follow the new guidelines. He was afraid he might have to give his guns to a friend who lives 30 miles away.

Eventually though the county's housing partnership, which bought the apartment complex with public funds, elected not to enforce the policy, claiming its board of directors had no knowledge about the new rule.