I have been a Clay Walker fan since I first heard him back in 1994. I feel Clay is one of the most underrated singers of all time. There is not a single song he sings that I do not like. I can honestly say I have every single album he has put out and love them all. When I first heard "What's It To You" and "Live Until I Die", I was sold and have been a fan for life.

Clay is not only one of the best singers I have heard but is also one of the most inspirational. In 1996, after a couple of great years of chart success, Clay was told that he had MS after visiting a doctor for numbness in his fingers. Clay was told that he would be in a wheelchair within four years and dead within eight. Well thank the Lord that doctor was wrong. Clay has become a champion for MS and has continued to put out great music to this day. Clay you are an inspiration. We are so glad you are still here with us and making great music.

Here are just a few of favorites from Clay. Enjoy and appreciate this under-appreciated amazing talent.