These contests happen all the time.  The half court shot for a vacation, one 90 mph fast ball out of the infield for a year of beer and of course, the field goal try for a car!

The contest between Simi Valley and Royal High, cross town football rivals, featured a place kicking contest at half time.  Simi Valley student Invictus Igwe, earned the right to attempt a kick from 30 yards to drive away in the 2014 Camaro.

Sure, 30 yards.  Doesn't seem like much but I assure you there are plenty of NCAA D1 schools who would love to have someone kick 30 yard field goals all the time.  It's probably like being a kid and saying you're going to jump of the garage...till you get up there and look down.

Kick away Invictus and let's see if you make this bad boy. By the way, Simi Valley won 50-49.