It's true.  Some of the best ideas and inventions have come from kids who can't even go into a bar.  This kid is an absolute genius and someone should give him several really big bags of money for his latest idea.  Check this out...

19 year old Boyan Slat is just brilliant!  The Dutch resident has come up with an idea on how to clean our oceans.  In fact, his system is so efficient it would clean enough garbage out of our oceans to fill about 55 large shipping containers, a day.

In fact, studies show that up to 16 billion pounds of plastic from each ocean gyre would be collected and processed in just 5 years. The plastic could then be sold and re-used and the best part is that his concept,

involves using booms and processing facilities to collect plastic while allowing fish and plankton to pass freely.

Like I said...someone call Trump and have him write this kid a check!  I for one would love to see this kids dream come true.  Watch his amazing video and you will be blown away.