It’s hard to believe that a year has already gone by from when the nation was captivated by the story of a homeless man… with the Golden Voice.

How is Ted Williams doing these days?

Not too bad- Entertainment Tonight checked in with him and found he has a nice home, a steady job, a great support system around him… and much needed sobriety.

Take a look!

It was January of 2011 that a newspaper in Ohio (The Columbus Dispatch) shot video of Ted demonstrating his “God given” talent:

It’s still crazy isn’t it?  Here’s this man, down on his luck, addicted, allegedly pimping out his girfriend and sleeping in a tent.. possesing the one thing that can’t be taken away- his voice.

That video went viral and a cliche to say- a star was born.

So, he was everywhere-”Look at Ted!”; “Tonight! We have Ted Williams!”; “What does Ted want to do with his newfound fame? Find out tonight!”

Even the BBC grabbed onto the story:

Ted’s addictions however, still had a commanding hold on his life; but with his newfound notority, Ted was able to be in touch with people who could help- such as Dr. Phil:

Ted entered rehab, then quit rehab. He entered again at the end of 2011, and it looks like he is on the real road to sobriety.

Entertainment Tonight caught up with Ted just the other night:

Here’s wishing Ted and his family the best of luck in 2012!