You've heard about Bonfire Brewing naming one of their beers after the much beloved (or much frustrating) Tim Tebow...

BUT- Have you thought about actually enjoying some of "The Sunday Sipper"?

Gas prices are lower than they were when The Broncos were losing...

(could it be yet ANOTHER Tim Tebow factor?)

What do you say? Let's get in the car, head to Eagle,  and Gather 'Round!

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The folks at Bonfire had a new beer and were working on a name- and then BAM.

Why not name it after Tim Tebow?!

And Tebrew was born!

From their website-- the beer description sounds oddly familiar:

A high-octane beer that gets better as you drink it down. Occasionally bringing you to a knee in appreciation.

And since football is a Sunday event- they nicknamed it "The Sunday Sipper"

The beer and beer company are now making NATIONAL headlines... lots of people want the beer. Heck, I want the beer!

However, they can't ship it. Especially across state lines.

Necessity breeds invention is what they say; in this case- necessity breeds....


3 hours. 180 miles. At our destination- TEBREW and some fun folks.


So, we head out around 10am on Sunday,  and by 1pm, we're kicking back in Bonfire Brewing's Tap Room where:

It’s where you can play an intense game of foosball, narrowly avoid being hit by a dart, take the 45-second tour of the brewery, meet your friends, make new ones, glare at your enemies or make amends, and perhaps enjoy a pint or two. Or four, if it’s that kind of day.

A pint of Tebrew later, we watch The Broncos take on The Patriots!

So, just one quick question: Who's in?