I see this all the time. Adults will throw toys in their kids direction and say "play". They may not know how to play. You need to learn how to play. We need to sit down with our children and actually teach them how to play with the toys. They will learn some nuances on their own but we need to teach them the basics.

You ever notice how you can have a floor full of toys and all your child wants to do is play with the outlets or the remote? They want what is on the table or just out of reach. They will want to play with everything but the toys. Why? Because we play with everything but the toys and they watch our every move. They want your phone or your beverage glass because that is what they see you "play" with. Spend some time on the floor playing with their toys and they will want those too. I just did this the other day with Zayden and Zander. They were all over the house causing destruction when I just quietly sat and played with the blocks. The next thing I know they are both at my side building. I got them started then they played for nearly an hour. It was awesome. I got some block time AND I thought them how to play. Drop the i pad, get on your floor, on the kids level, and teach them how fun toys can be. Enjoy!