Young men, it's true!  Taylor Swift is single again after ending her 3 month relationship with Conor Kennedy, the son of Robert F Kennedy Jr., it the midst of what could be Swift's biggest world tour to date.

Swift had even bought a 7 bedroom waterfront estate for just under $5 million in Cape Cod while she and Kennedy were in the midst of their enchanted love story.

So it's no surprise where "We are never getting back together again" comes from.  Though sources site it was a very amicable split and the couple hadn't seen each other in over a month, the lyrics of the song tell a different story even mentioning in the song she hadn't heard from Conor in over a month and that it was him that ended the relationship.

Album sales for Swift this week is off the charts.  At the label party last night here in Nashville, Big Machine presented Taylor with more awards and officially told her in front of everyone last night that Red will be certified as Double Platinum. (It was already certified Platinum before the Tuesday release.)

I also wanted to echo Brian's statement to all the 'haters' out there.  If you haven't read Brian's blog please do so. When it comes to a "country" sound it's hard to find that in today's country radio. Most 'country' radio hasn't been true 'country' in well over a decade. Keep in mind that artist' like Rascal Flats, Jason Aldean, Faith Hill, Tim McGraw (and the list goes on) get as much or more air play on AC (adult contemporary) formats than on Country.  It's their choice to crossover to other formats because they want to corner a much bigger market so they write accordingly and keep in mind that Taylor Swift write more of her own music than most I know of.

Give her some credit...

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