I might as well hand you my guy card now for what I am about to do. Taylor Swift will be on Ellen tomorrow and I will be happily watching. There, I feel a little better just getting that out there. I happen to think Taylor is great and is wonderful for country music and an incredible role model for young girls everywhere. You can’t say that about many artists these days. Her latest single “Mean” is my favorite of all her tunes so far. Her video for it just debuted on CMT this weekend. That song gets stuck in my head like a piece of jerky in my teeth, I try and try but just can’t get it out. Taylor will be visiting Ellen tomorrow along with Jon Hamm from “Mad Men” and NeNe Leakes who just quit on “Celebrity Apprentice” last week.  She is an unpredictable and explosive piece of work. I can’t wait to see what she has to say about “The Donald”. I hope Taylor doesn’t say anything to make NeNe mad or she will eat her up like a fun size Snicker bar.

Taylor will be performing a song called “The Story of Us” from her “Speak Now” album. The show was also looking for “The Ultimate Taylor Swift Fan” who received a trip to the show to meet Swift. It should be fun to tune in tomorrow. Ellen in on KUSA-TV weekdays at 3 pm. To get you in the mood, here is Taylor’s performance of “Mean” from the ACM awards.