The sh0w "Punk'd", formerly hosted by Ashton Kutcher, is back on MTV after a 5 year hiatus. You know the show, where some celebrity puts another celebrity friend in a very awkward position which usually makes for a great ending like making Justin Timberlake cry for example!  But in this case it's not the fact that Taylor Swift got "Punk'd" it who she got "Punk'd" by.



Justin Bieber!

Bieber and friend Taylor Swift were hanging out on a boat when he told her to push a button to launch a firework over the water, but it instead lights up a nearby yacht.  If that wasn't bad enough for Taylor she was then informed there was a wedding taking place on the yacht.

Just for good measure the bride and groom jumped overboard.  Classic!

This is completely not OK

Swift was heard yelling as she looked on in complete horror.

Kids, I tell  ya!  {Brilliant idea Bieber}