Go ahead.

Tell us what you think.

What do you think of K99's current playlist?

Really like song?

Really DON'T like a song?

That's what the K99 Song Survey is all about!

Get the details inside!

At K99 we have about 30 'currents'- the songs that are currently the hottest.

Part of how we decide how often we play each of those 30 is with the help of the K99 listeners!

Our K99 Song Survey gives you the sounding board- you can tell us how much you LIKE a song, you can tell us how much you DON"T LIKE a song.

Not only do we get great info for the songs listed, but it also gives us a feel of how you feel about our radio station in general!

So, take a few minutes to listen to the clips- and gives us the low-down!