Weld Food Bank

Weld Food Bank Needs Thousands of Turkeys
The Weld Food Bank needs thousands of frozen turkeys for the Thanksgiving holiday. This year, agencies helped out by the Food Bank have requested 4,219 turkeys for the holidays, and the Food Bank has collected only 135 so far.
Kraft, Weld Food Bank Rolls Out Mobile Food Pantry
There are few things that make me more sad than knowing that there are kids out there who starve. It really makes you think about dad's old saying "eat all your dinner, there are people starving". It's true, but we can help. A new way to help fight hunger is with the new …
HELP!! The Food Banks In Northern Colorado Desperately Need Turkeys
Thanksgiving is only a week away now, and both food banks in Northern Colorado are in critical need of frozen turkey's to meet the communities needs. As someone who feels fortunate to get to spend Thanksgiving in a nice warm home surrounded by family and good food, I ask that you help feed thos…
New Partnerships Facilitate Cooking Classes at Weld Food Bank
Recent figures show that approximately 1 of 6 people and 1 of 4 children in Weld County are hungry. Weld Food Bank’s goal is to lead and engage our community in the fight against hunger. For the past thirty years, the organization has been proudly serving the hungry in Weld County through part…

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