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The K99 Crapper Caper – Who Broke Our Toilet? [POLL]
Some trouble went down at our studios after we left yesterday. It must have been a rough day. When we arrived to work this morning there was a slab of cardboard in front of the men's room. I wondered why until I opened the door and saw the devastation.
Are You Ready for the Long NFL Preseason? [POLL]
The wait is over. This weekend the NFL preseason kicks off. Sunday night at 6 the Minnesota Vikings and the Pittsburgh Steelers will battle in the annual kickoff to the preseason. We will have football every weekend until February.
Are You Actually Offended by the Confederate Flag? [POLL]
There is no way to escape the controversy over the confederate flag lately. I have to honestly say that I never fully understood the strong feeling attached to it. I am from North Dakota where you saw the confederate flag on the Dukes of Hazzard or a southern rock album cover.

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