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How Badly Will the Broncos Beat the Patriots on Sunday? [POLL]
They did it!! The Broncos beat the Pittsburgh Steelers and will host the AFC Championship Game on Sunday at Mile High Stadium! What an exciting Sunday it was. I never doubted it for a minute...okay I was scared the whole game. That was a close one and they will need a better offensive effort to beat…
What is Your Favorite Flavor of Girl Scout Cookie? [POLL]
This weekend is the big event. No, not the Super Bowl, that is still a few weeks away. I am talking about the beginning of Girl Scout cookie season. This weekend those little delights will be going on sale. We will support the scouts and fill our freezers with those little rectangular boxes of tasty…
Do You Open Your Presents on Christmas Eve or Christmas Day? [POLL]
Hard to believe but two weeks from tomorrow is Christmas Eve. I still get as giddy as a child this time of year. I love the feeling and spirit in the air. We have many traditions for Christmas at our house and one of them is opening gifts on Christmas Eve. We have always been a Christmas Eve family.

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