Weather Spotters Needed in Weld County
We are nearing that time of year that severe thunderstorms are right around the corner. Sometimes those severe thunderstorms could produce a tornado. According to website, Tornado History Project, Weld County is the number one spot for tornadoes in the country with 270 twisters from 1950 - 2015...
UPDATE: Five Killed on Northern Colorado’s Icy Roads
Driving home last night, you might have experienced the dangerous conditions on the roads all over Northern Colorado.
UPDATE: According to The Denver Channel, two more accidents occured after 4:00 p.m.  One was a rollover crash and the other was a two-vehicle accident...
The Winter Chill Hit Greeley Hard Friday Morning
You thought it was cold in Northern Colorado a few days ago? It was! If you live in Greeley, you knew it got REALLY cold. The best word to describe how cold it was... Frigid.
The actual temperatures were below zero, but the wind chill was a smack straight to the face...

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