Von Miller

Von Miller Sends Every Player in AFC West a Bottle of Wine
Von Miller, superstar Denver Broncos Player, Super Bowl 50 MVP and all around good guy! The dude is so cool and thankful that he sent every player, even the practice squad in the AFC West a bottle of wine.
More than 200 bottles of the 2014 cabernet sauvignon, named The Setting were sent to the player…
Von Miller Tries to Sack the Release of Sex Tape
Super Bowl MVP Von Miller is trying to block the release of a sex tape that was filmed months ago after vacationing in Mexico on the off season.
According to KDVR,  Elizabeth Ruiz filmed the encounter on her cell phone and offered the video to Von Miller for 2...
Von Miller… Old Spice Guy
Von Miller, the Super Bowl 50 MVP can add another title to his resume... Old Spice Guy!
Today, the Denver Broncos player announced that he is now "repping the hardest working collection" for Old Spice! Miller rocking a safety vest, a hardhat and sporting a jackhammer on hi…

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