U.S. Postal Service Hiring 900+ In Northern Colorado
The United States Postal Service is looking to fill more than 900 jobs along the Front Range.
Open positions include temporary clerks, mail handlers, and carriers, approximately 400 of which are for the holiday season.
An additional 500 positions will be filled indefinitely and could potentially lead …
Stamp Prices Are Going Up Again On January 26th, 2014
Now might be a good time to stock up and buy yourself some forever stamps. Starting this Sunday there will be another price increase on stamps from the United States Postal Service. First-class stamps will be going up to 49-cents.
Cool New Muscle Car Postage Stamps Feature Iconic Autos
You may think of the U.S. Postal Service as a dusty and outmoded institution, and we wouldn't argue with you, but it seems the good ol’ USPS is still doing something right. Just check out its latest batch of cool Forever Stamps featuring classic Muscle Cars...

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