Santa Cops Toy Drive Coming Up in Loveland
Bring the family and some new unwrapped toys to the annual "Santa Cops Toy Drive" at Coldwell Banker in Loveland on December 2nd. The kids will love the emergency vehicles and can get their picture taken with Santa!
5 Toys I Wish I Still Had From When I Was a Kid
We are all gearing up for the Insane Inflatable 5K coming to the Ranch on May 14th and it got me thinking about the bouncy houses that I got to go into when I was a kid. They were fun, I loved them and wished I had one that I could go into whenever I wanted when I was little...
Residents Wake Up To Find Sex Toys On Their Cars
We’ve all pulled a prank or two before – whether it’s covering the toilet seat with saran wrap or TP-ing a house. And though this particular prank is hilarious, it’s pretty bizarre.
Residents of a street in Liverpool woke up last Friday morning to find various adult toys on th…

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