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Top Ten Ways to Beat the Monday Blues
You either had a hell fire weekend with errands, chores and completed a large list of honey-do-do's or you sat your fanny on the couch and dreamed up thing's you could be doing while vegging to something on the tv.
Top Ten Free Thing’s to do in Fort Collins
If you're like me, you're always looking for something different or new to do... sometimes that could mean doing something that I haven't done in awhile and it is even sweeter if its free. Here's a list of the top ten great thing's to do in Fort Collins.
10 Things That You Should Never Buy at a Garage Sale
I have found that some thing's that I thought were completely cool and okay to buy at a garage sale might not be. As you continue making early morning trips around the block for good deals, keep in mind that these items should stay on the table and not end up in your car.
Sex Causes Migraines
There are thing's that you are doing right now that will bring on a migraine. Here's a guide that will help you avoid these debilitating little devils.
The Top Ten Coolest Watermelon Carvings
I've always taught my children and whomever would listen not to play with their food, but when it comes to carving watermelons, well... the rules have changed, play away. Check out these cool carvings.
Top Ten Craziest Thing’s Ever Sold Online
Once I read a list of the craziest thing's ever sold, I started looking all over the web and laughed my bottom off. Now I am looking to see what I could sell, trust me, you don't apparently have to be a movie star or musician to make some real dough.

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