Top Tips to Get Faster Results With Your Online Searches
If you've ever searched the internet for something specific and have thrown your hands in the air in frustration, these tips will get you faster and easier results for your online searches. Hang on till the last tip and freak out your friends with this cool trick.
Recipe Rescue: 5 Kitchen Secrets Your Mom Meant to Teach You
Don't blame mom for not sharing all of her secrets, it wasn't to set you up for kitchen failure, she was a busy woman. But sometimes the simplest tricks, the ones that make you say, "well that makes sense" are second nature and after years of doing them, mothers forget to…
Garden Club: Don’t Stress Out Your Grass Northern Colorado
Living in Colorado might give a new meaning to "Don't Stress Out Your Grass Colorado", but in the case, I really do mean your grass. To be really clear, the grass you mow, the green stuff on the ground leading up to your front door. (or as some of us deal with green-slightly b…
Top Five Tips to Looking Younger in a Flash
I have my routines and for the most part, I think that they work pretty well. You would never guess that I am actually 80! LOL But seriously, I know that it is a huge concern for some, so here are a few tips I have found that might help.
Candy Crush Addicts: Get Unlimited Lives Now
It doesn't seem these days that you can walk too far without finding someone playing Candy Crush. If you haven't played it, caution, this one is more addictive than watering your crops and feeding the pigs.
How Much Would You Pay for a Dress you Fell in Love With?
I am pretty stingy with money unless its something I really like and want. I am a Coach bag nut and will watch for the savings and have never paid full price, but non-the-less, I still likely pay more for one on sale than the average bag. So I'll buy one or two less espresso's when I buy a…
Tips for Caring for an Aging Parent
As our parents grow older, the roles reverse, some take on the responsibilities seamlessly and others find it taxing and struggle with every task. There is hope, hope comes in perception and the limitations that you must put on yourself to retain your own sanity.

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